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Luxury Build

Home Construction

Having a combined contracting experience for over 50 years, we have the privilage of working with the best builders in DFW. That being said, on this project we build a home from the groud up with luxury home builders Boyd. This 12 month project from foundation to backsplash wasn’t as straight forward as you may think. We had problems with city which delayed our progress. Still, we were determined to give the homeowners the house they have always dreamed of. We gave them a timeless, modern finishing that made their eyes glow the moment they stepped into their new home. On the photo to the right you can see how the work we did while minimal, looks great for any occasion. 

interior work of WJ flooring
Restaurant Consruction 

Tile Installation

While we don’t normally do commercial work, we never shy away from a challenge. This new restaurant was in serious need for an uplift. Right in downtown Dallas, we were determined to give the restaraunt owner the very best of our crafstmenship. Some problems that arose was that the previous tile wouldn’t budge with normal sledgehammers – threatening the time constraint. We improvised and got a jack hammer to remove the persistant old tile to place a new, traditional tile before opening day. 

Home Remodeling

Hardwood Floor Installation 

Sometimes the simple things make the biggest difference. For this particular home, the couple wanted to remodel their home without taking the sense of comfortability away. We recommended getting hardwood floors as they are timeless and let’s face it, it was much better than the plastic tile they had had beforehand. In addition to the hardwood floor installation, we also added borders around the room to add more of a pop to the wonderful grey tones the rooms had. Doing so not only brightened up the place, but also brought up the value of their home!