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Fort Worth Bathroom Remodeling Specialists

For many of us, the bathroom is a sanctuary to relax in the bathtub and relieve stress. Why not make it the perfect refuge? Our customer-centric approach ensures that we give you a bathroom that fits all you needs with ammenities that exceed your expectations.

Not only that, but our premier remodelers in Fort Worth do all of this while staying within your budget!


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Full Service Bathroom Remodeling In Fort Worth

Today’s homeowners have many options whenever they renovate a bathroom. From his and her sinks to whirlpool tubs, our WJ Flooring professionals will present you with all the options and quality levels so you can pick and choose everything you want while not going over your budget. 

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Adding a bathroom or remodeling an existing one is a great way to increase the value of your home. Whether it’s upgrading a master bath or adding a new bathroom entirely, the investment made on a new bathroom will always be more attractive to potential buyers if you seek to sell your home in the future. Some of the services our Fort Worth general contractors provide include:


What To Expect From Your Bathroom Renovation

Every home remodeling project begins with a goal. Maybe you wish to enlarge your bathroom or design it in a way that makes you feel as if you have entered a spa. Whatever the case is, we’re here to make it happen. First, we’ll start with an initial consultation to know about your needs and design ideas to help bring your idea to life. 

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The Planning

After the initial consultation, we’ll give you the details on when you can expect the project to be finished. Furthermore, our bathroom remodelers will make sure all the materials and fixtures are readily available to not have any lapses in time.

The Renovation 

Finally, your bathroom renovation happens. Like we said before, our goal is to build a long relationship with all our clients. On that note, we treat your house like our own and you won’t have to worry about deadlines being pushed into the future because our planning and organization process ensures everything is done on time.

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Benefits of a Bathroom Renovation


Property Value

The best way to increase your home value? A bathroom remodel!


Save Money

Upgrade any inefficient plumbing fixtures to save on utility costs.


A Peaceful Getaway

Keep the stress away with fixtures that invite relaxation. 



Invite openness by eliminating wasted space.



Moreoften than not, a simple cosmetic bathroom remodel is always within budget.


New Look

Design your bathroom in a way that fits your character!

Let's Get Started

Let’s take your home to the next level. From kitchens to whole house renovations, our Fort Worth home remodelers are experienced and one of the most highly referred contractors in all DFW! Let’s build something great together.


You have questions? Well we have answers. 

What tile should I use for a bathroom remodel?

Our tile contractors recommend ceramic tile for bathroom remodels. Why? Its water resistant, easy to install, and comes with a variety of different shapes and designs!

What cost the most in a bathroom remodel?

For the most part, you can expet the priceitst thing on your bathroom remodel project to include labor, plumbing, and tile work. 

Can you change where fixtures are located?

Yes we can. However, one must consider that when introducing plumbing to the project, costs will go up. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! While many contractors want a huge down payment up front, we believe everyone deserves to get work done that doesn’t break the bank. That is why we offer our own flexible payment plans that help our clients out. 

How quickly can you finish a project?

We take our work seriously, that is why we only take on a limited amount of clients every quarter in order to maximize the results. We are known for finishing jobs even before deadlines!

Pricing & Plans

Get a rough estimate of how our pricing works! Whether you want an kitchen remodel or a tile installation, we have one of the most affordable contractor services in the area!

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