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Professional Tile Insalltion in Dallas 

If you’re thinking about having tile installed, WJ Flooring provides you with the perfect mix of quality, selection, and affordability. Being mostly a family ran business, we believe that our level of workmanship is what separates us from other tile contractors in DFW. 


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A Wide Selection of Tile

Since flooring is our main speciality, we are well versed and well connected in the tile industry. What does this mean for you? This means we can offer you a range of tile options while keeping things on budget as we work with a number of the best suppliers in DFW. Not only that, the relationships we have cultivated with these suppliers ensure we are the first to recieve any new shipment of tile, making delays a thing of the past.


If you’re looking for something durable and simple, consider having ceramic tile. Maybe you’re looking to touch up your kitchen, then you might consider having porcelain or marble. Regardless of the type of tile you choose, our tile contractors provide maintenance and care that ensures your new tile floor is well protected. Some of the tile we install include:

  • Cement
  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Natural Stone
  • Porcelain
  • Backsplash
  • And More!

Tile comes in many different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. Let our general contractors do the heavy lifting for you and get you the house of your dreams! 

Bathroom Floor Tile

The great thing about using tile for a restroom is due to the fact that it is durable and beautiful! Furthermore, it is common for restroom to have ceramic tile because it can extend to the wall and help prevent excessive moisture. WJ Flooring helps offer you a wide selection of flooring options that will make your bathroom stand out. 

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Kitchen remodeling in Dallas, TX

Tile Backsplashes

We don’t only do flooring! Let us install a breathtaking backsplash either in your bathroom or kitchen that really helps bring out the eccentric features of your home! 

Whether it’s stone, glass, or ceramic tile, we have the selection of tile to meet your homes’ theme and color. 


Wall Tile

Many of our tile options can be installed to accent a wall or be added as supplemental decor. No matter the cause, adding tile to the wall is a great way to enhance your living space in an artistic manner.

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Helping You Get Your Dream Home


Unlimited Tile Selection

Being well versed in the contracting industry, we’re able to offer you the widest selection of tile in all of DFW! 


Licensed Installers

All of our contractors are professional installers who are licensed and local. 



We treat your home like it is our own. 


customer satisfaction

A project isn’t done until you are satisfied. Want to change something last minute? No problem. 


Attention to detail

No matter how big the project, we take into account even the smallest details to ensure you are left breathless. 



We’re always thinking outside the box. Our team stays up to date with the current trends to make sure everything is done properly and efficientally. 

Let's Get Started

Let’s take your home to the next level. From kitchens to whole house renovations, our Dallas home remoderler’s are experienced and one of the most highly referred contractors in all DFW! Let’s build something great together.


You have questions? Well we have answers. 

How Much does tile installation cost?

Our experienced tile contractors provide you with a complimentary estimate of what the expected price would be after taking into consideration the floor plan, labor and costs. Although our work is of high quality, we believe in providing our clients with competitative pricing that won’t break the bank. 

How Long does it take to install tile?

The time frame it takes to install tile depends on the project size and space. We first have to ensure the surface is clean and flat. Then, we set the tile with mortar based on the tile you chose. Lastly, we will apply grout to tile and apply a sealer. On average, it takes about 1-3 days to finish a tile installation. It is important that each step is done correctly and with the right materials in order to ensure no delays occur. 

How do I know if I'm picking the right tile?

Choosing the right tile depends on many factors including what stylel you want, hardness, durability, and friction. For example, the more foot traffic a specific room get, the more dense and hard the tile needs to be. Our tile contractors will help guide you through the tile process to ensure you make the right choice that fits your style and needs. 

What Are the differences between porcelain and ceramic tile?

Porcelain is a great option for spaces with more foot traffic because they are much denser compared to ceramic tile. Moreover, porcelain tile also absorbs more water which means ceramic isn’t a great choice for outdoor use. Since ceramic tile is softer than porcelain, it is easier for machines to cut through the material – making it more cost-effective!

What are the differences between glazed and unglazed tile?

On the final step of the firing process, a glazed till will receive an extra layer of liquid gas. Glazed tiles also come in more choices of color and styles and are more resistant to stains. On the other hand, unglazed tiles are more scratch and slip resistant. 

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